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Beautiful weather all day Friday, clear blue sky and light on-shore breeze. Flying Friday evening was a little difficult looking straight into the sun and its blinding reflection off the water. It does NOT help to walk along the beach a bit to avoid the reflection; think about it, I did after trying it!

Bob Johnstone posted this report of the weekend on the SAA website :

"Well now, the forecast was right and wrong but this did not deter a large turnout with lots of models. Saturday was a bit windier than we would choose yet that did not seem to put many of the fliers off. The sky seemed full of planes for the first five hours and just a few less for the rest of the day. I guess the forecast put some off for Sunday, as fewer pilots arrived. The day itself proved much better than the forecasters predicted.

I was surprised at the attrition rate on Sunday though, had someone kept a video camera going they could have had quite a "Splatsh" tape. A very enjoyable weekend which gave me a first, I had no planes to fix at the end, not a without lot of luck though as I had one which came apart on the takeoff run leaving no damage or lost bits.

That shy fellow John Campbell again had everyone engrossed in his exploits. Alasdair Sutherland will no doubt have something to publish regards John's saga. Watch the mags.

Roy Whitton (with his family helpers) has decided to retire from the organising of this event after many years. I am sure most will agree with THANK YOU ROY and family. Next years avent is already in hand under new management. I shall leave the details to others to publish (8-9th September 2007 - Ed.) Get some planes on the water and put Loch Insh in next year's diary."
Robert Orr's new Seamaster all set for its first flight off water
Alasdair Sutherland with Team Cumbernauld
Clive Rose and Ray Lambert about to seriously damage a WOT4. Jen57 Engine recovered from the loch next day with the aid of Scuba gear.

Pictures below from Robert Orr

John Campbell firing on all cylinders for the maiden flight of his Catalina
Still revving away

Still looking good, but a bit off the wind
Takeoff aborted, too choppy; it gets deep just ahead John