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Aide mémoire : items required to run an event : version September 2010

Personnel (some official sounding names from the Risk Assessment document) :
1. Club should supply a gazebo or a van for Tx control and also :
  1. Three tables + chairs
  2. Frequency pegs : 35MHz pegs channels 55-90 plus 6 black pegs for 2.4GHz
  3. First aid kit
  4. Transmitter frequency checker (Ray has one)
  5. 35MHz frequency scanner (Colin has one, we used to)
  6. Optional but useful : about 30 key rings with pilot number on tag, to issue to pilots as a reminder of their Tx number
  7. Black rubbish bags
  8. Money box

Relief during the day at Tx Control. A couple of members to be trained in Tx Control as the start of the day is always busy.

2. Paper work at Tx Control :
  1. Risk assessment statement and copy of SAA insurance to show to Freshwaters
  2. SAA Mandatory Occurrence Reporting Form with Instructions
  3. ATTENDANCE FREQUENCIES SHEET - 1 copy on clipboard
  4. PILOTS BOOKING OUT SHEET - 3 copies on clipboard + spares
  5. PILOTS WAITING SHEET - 3 copies on clipboard + spares
  6. SAFETY at Loch Insh SHEET for late arrivals who have missed the pilots' briefing
  7. Sellotape, pens, pencils, little pilot number stickers to go on Txs (50 minimum)

3. Fencing and rope and notices :
  1. The white spikes plus 500m length of thin rope to guide spectators around the Safety Area
  2. 6 strong metal fencing poles and some orange net to block off access to the beach from the Boathouse.
  3. Notices to guide public (Public Safety Notice) plus (Model Aircraft Viewing Area+Tx Control) and pilots (Engine Startup Area)
  4. 6 strong metal fencing poles plus some rope or tape to mark the pilots' box. Windsock on roach pole beside the pilots box.

4. Boats and lifejackets - make sure we request from the Freshwaters.

TWO people required in the rescue boat plus train up other club members to be relief sailors.

All the necessary documents in the list above plus other useful files, are available for download

XX  Microsoft WORD documents     Click on the document link below to open or download it XX
The above aide mémoire
The Risk Assessment Document
The Public Safety Notice
The other Notices
Safety at the Loch Insh Splash-In
Pilot Booking Out Sheet
Pilot Waiting Sheet
Pilot Waiting Sheet

Excel and JPEG documents Click on the document link to open or download
SAA Mandatory Occurrence Reporting form
Instructions for SAA Mandatory Occurrence Reporting form
Colin MacLean's Layout Plan for 2007
Pilots' Checking In Sheet with 35MHz Grid
List of the 35MHz channels, 55-90, with their Frequencies